DD-WRT Configuration Service

DD-WRT Configuration Service
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Remote DD-WRT Configuration Service

PLEASE NOTE: This is an 'intangible' item
This is a remote service (labour ONLY) and as such there is no item or postage

Remote DD-WRT Router Configuration Service

Do you have a Router flashed with DD-WRT Firmware and need it configuring?
Not sure what files you need to get the VPN section working?
Something won't work?
Unsure about Subnets, DNS, Keep alive, Kill switches, wireless settings etc etc etc?

If you answer yes to any of the questions above this service may be for you please keep reading.

Please Contact us & tell us your router make, model and DD-WRT Firmware version and what your struggling with,
we will then advise you if we can assist with this service.

Please Note:
We DO NOT offer remote flashing of your Routers firmware, This is a remote router configuration service!
The router must be flashed with DD-WRT firmware prior to us configuring it for you!

We will require access to your laptop or PC remotely to carry out the router configuration.



Q. What is required for you to access my router remotely?
A. You will require a laptop or pc with both Wi-Fi and an Ethernet adapter! Please mention when contacting us if you only have one or the other and not both adapters!
We will send you a link to download our remote assistant software for windows, no files are installed on your device, you simply run the download and press ask for assistance. Mac user are different please ask for details before purchasing this service.
You will need to connect your pc or laptop to your ISP (Internet Service Providers) Router over Wi-Fi, and connect the Ethernet to the LAN port of the DD-WRT flashed router you want configuring.
For us to login at an agreed convenient time for us both, we will require your name and contact number (if you wish for us to explain what we are doing each step of the way)
Q. What settings will you require from me?
A. We will require your VPN login credentials eg. VPN providers name, username, password and what server you would like configuring e.g. UK or USA etc..
What you would like configuring for your Wi-Fi broadcast name (SSID) e.g. what it displayed when you search wi-fi eg. My_Wi-Fi Daves_Wi-Fi etc
What you would like your WiFi password set to, we recommend a strong password minimum of 8 Characters (preferably including Numbers, Symbols, Capital Letters, and Lower-Case Letters) but this is up to you how strong you want it.
What you would like your router user name and password set to.

Q. Do i need to do anything while you are logged in remotely?
A. You may be asked some questions to assist us with the configuration, you may be asked to reboot the router but in general you can sit back and watch us work!

Q. How long will the process take?
A. Generally between 5 - 30 minutes, it may only take a few minutes it really depends where you are at with it, if you've had a go yourself and only stuck with one part. We will configure the router for you in the same way as ones we sell.

Q. What if your unable to configure my router or get it working?
A. In this very unlikely event we would refund you the full amount you paid, the only reason this may occur is if your router has a hardware fault.

Q. What if you damage my router?
A. We are only configuring the router, so it is impossible for us to damage anything, only flashing a router can damage it, we DO NOT offer a flashing service. A factory reset will remove any settings we enter in to your router.

Q. What if my router stops working after you have configured it?
A. If your router stops working after we have configured it, it can only be one of a few things, we have some online videos to assist you in determining the problem, in most cases it will be the Kill switch (that we install) stopping you accessing the Internet because your VPN provider has changed something on there server, e.g. A certificate or IP. (This is out of our control and nothing that we have done) In this case we would recommend you watch one of our video guides on changing the VPN server or we can point you in the right direction.

Q. Will you make a backup of my settings for easy install should anything go wrong with my router?
A. Once we have completely configured your router we will recommend a back up is taken and stored safely on your pc, this only takes a few seconds to install should you ever need to.

Q. Why do you not offer a service for flashing my router?
A. We will not offer a service for flashing a router with DD-WRT firmware purely because of insurance purposes, we do not have insurance if the router brakes during flashing of firmware so its a service we will not offer, if you want a router with DD-WRT firmware on we recommend you either flash it yourself or buy a router from ourselves ready to simply plug in when it arrives.

Q. Can you configure Wireguard for me on my DD-WRT flashed router?
A. Yes we can configure Wireguard for you providing you have the correct DD-WRT version flashed on your router and your VPN Provider supports this protocol running on a router, again please ask before buying this service.


Please read:
Regarding flashing DD-WRT firmware on your router for running a VPN you must be aware the minimum CPU speed / requirement for a good VPN speed on a VDSL line is 1.0GHz & on full fibre lines 1.7GHz-2.0GHz anything less you will be disappointed in the VPN speed. Some routers that run @ 800MHz CPU speed can be used but is boarder line entry level even on VDSL lines for an acceptable download speed. (This is due to the CPU handling all of the encryption & decryption of every packet of data sent and received meaning the faster it can process the encryption/decryption the faster the download speed you get). Wireguard gets better VPN performance from a router!



Product CodeConfiguration-Service
Manufacturerintangible item

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Professional service fast straight to the point job done

Very professional service, showed me where i was going wrong, added a few tweaks and told me what they did and why he was added them. Very please thank you DarrenJames T

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