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Q. What is a VPN?
A. VPN stands for a Virtual Private Network and refers to software that is used to encrypt the users Internet connection (with Military grade encryption) masking the users on-line identity by hiding their IP address and location. Therefore, making downloading, streaming or just browsing the Internet private and safe.

Q. Do i need to use a VPN in the UK?
A. This must be the most popular question we get asked now a days since the change in the UK Law back in April 2017.
It really depends on what you're Internet activities are, however it's always a good idea to protect yourselves whatever you do in life, if the question is related to streaming content we would recommend using a VPN!
Once you understand what a VPN does you'll never go on the internet again without one. At some point we believe you'll consider a VPN as important as the Internet itself.

Q. Would you recommend a Free VPN service or a Paid VPN service?
A. This is a very simple answer, we will ALWAYS recommend a Paid VPN service.
Why you may ask? This is normally the follow up question!
Basically when online you're either a paying customer or the product! VPN services cost a lot of money to set up and run, that's a fact!
So now my statement, customer or product may start to make a little more sense, you use a VPN to protect your privacy & data correct?
Free VPN's sell your information to companies, all your Internet activity will be logged and sold to many companies not only to pay for the setup costs but to make money.
Yes your Internet activates are worth a lot of money! And remember why you wanted to use a VPN in the first place!
A Paid VPN service is only cheap, It will cost less than £5 Pounds a month (less than buying a cup of coffee a month from a well know coffee shop!)
So we strongly recommend go with a trust worthy Paid VPN Provider. And that's the main reason, there are lots and lots of other reasons like free VPN services have been found not to encrypt your information, you can only use them for a certain amount of time etc. etc. etc. I am not going to go into them all now. More information can be found on VPN and what they offer HERE
In fact we would highly recommend running a VPN service from your Router so every device that is connected to the Internet at home is protected behind your VPN encryption. More information can be found on VPN routers HERE

Q. What advantages are there running a VPN on a router?
A. Using a VPN provider within a router means that the setup only has to be done once and covers all of your devices. Some devices like TV's don't support vpn apps. Running your VPN from a router will only use 1 of your allowed connections, freeing up your other VPN connections to use outside your property on family mobiles etc. Also running a VPN from a router is often a more stable connection.

Q. Are your routers Plug and Play?
A. Yes. If you provided your VPN credentials to us to configure your router, the router will work straight out of the box, simply follow the included instructions to connect the Router to your existing network. If no VPN credentials were provided to us, you will need to enter this information into the router before it will work due to the kill switch.

Q. Will connecting your router protect every internet device in my property?
A. Yes. Any device connected to the VPN Router via either Ethernet cable or over Wi-Fi will be protected by your VPN service.

Q. What are the available VPN protocols?
A. OpenVPN & Wireguard are the two main protocols, other older protocols are available but are considered old & unsafe.

Q. What is the fastest VPN Protocol?
A. Currently Wireguard is the fastest VPN protocol, using state-of-the-art cryptography, basically it has less overheads then OpenVPN, but please be aware not all VPN Providers allow running Wireguard on a router, some only allow Wireguard in there apps. We strongly recommend you check this information with your VPN provider before handing any money over if you intend using Wireguard on a router. OpenVPN is currently considered a safer VPN protocol due to the time it has been around.

Q. What's a VPN Kill-Switch and has this router got one?
A. A VPN Kill-Switch is a critical piece of your VPN security solution, this feature will ensure that your true IP address is never exposed on-line in the event your VPN server should ever fail for any reason.

Q. Does this router replace my modem?
A. No. The VPN router is not a replacement modem, it is a router only. It has NO built in modem. It requires connecting to your ISP modem or existing modem router, this method is known as a dual router set-up, instruction leaflet is included with the router. We recommend a dual router setup, so you keep your existing router for none VPN traffic and the VPN router for all encrypted traffic, giving you the best of both worlds. You'll end up with two sets of Wi-Fi making it very simple to connect.

Q. Why is a VPN slower than my normal line speed?
A. Any VPN service will always give you a small loss in speed, this is due to the router having to encrypt/decrypt every packet of data sent and received as well as adding small latency. If you use our guide in our router description you wont be disappointed in VPN throughput.

Q. I am confused what is the difference between a Proxy and VPN?
A. A proxy acts as a gateway between you and the Internet to provide basic functions that protects you online - hiding your IP address, keeping your anonymity, and providing an encryption on your activities. Think of a VPN as a bigger, better, bad boy proxy. A VPN provides better speeds, greater accessibility, and more reliable protection.

Q. Can you recommend a VPN ?
A. Yes, We would strongly recommend NordVPN, we feel it's the best al-rounder, but you need to buy a VPN to suit your needs, More information can be found

Q. Is there any way to un-restrict the download speeds imposed by the file hosts?
A. Yes we highly recommend using a cheap service called real-Debrid more information can be found HERE

We STOPPED selling TV Boxes in 2017, due to the change in UK Law. We have since only sold Flashed VPN Routers!




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