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Many of you reading this are aware of all the great benefits that VPN's offer
If you're not more information can be found HERE
But you privacy-concerned Internet users maybe wondering; Should I have my VPN service running in a router?

Having a VPN connected to a TVBC DD-WRT Router is a great option and may be the only option to provide you with security across all your devices. A VPN running on a TVBC DD-WRT Router is a much easier way to use a VPN across all platforms. Since you'll always be connected to the VPN through your router, you will not have to log in every time you use a different device to connect to the Web. You’ll get lots of additional benefits also, the VPN will work with devices that were previously not supported by your VPN Provider like Mag boxes, game consoles, Smart TV sets etc.

Connect as many devices as you wish to a TVBC DD-WRT Router, only using one of your allocated connections, (allowed VPN connections at any one time is normally between 3 - 6 devices depending on your VPN provider), freeing up your other allocated VPN connections to use outside of your property on family Smart Phones, Laptops, tablets etc. Now any device no matter if it’s yours or a visitor’s to your property, will be protected behind your VPN service if you’re connecting to a TVBC DD-WRT Router via Wi-fi or the Ethernet.

Normally one of the most important things of using a VPN safely, is that you actually have to remember to turn it on. If you aren’t careful, you could be connecting to your bank account or checking other sites on an unencrypted connection. One less thing to worry about when running it from a router!

One-time connection, No starting and stopping the VPN service on a router its connected all the time. A kill switch script can be installed, meaning if the VPN stops for any reason connection to the Internet stops, a great safety feature stopping you from surfing or streaming when you think your protected behind your VPN when your not! It is advisable to have your VPN connected directly to a router so that your safety is ensured whenever you surf the web. No more download apps or setting up a VPN on individual devices, the VPN is actually also more stable far less problems running them from a router.

A VPN client can not be installed on most standard routers sadly. 

The router's CPU is used to encrypt and de-crypt the VPN connection, routers with slower CPU's simply don't have the processing power to output a good VPN through speeds, so buying a cheap router even if it supported by DD-WRT firmware is simply a waste of your money, some routers only give 10-30% of your normal line speed.


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