What's a Smart TV Box

Whats a smart tv box


What's a Smart TV Streaming Box?

A Smart TV box from TV BOX COMPANY will make your TV become a very smart TV!

By turning your regular TV in to a Home Theatre PC. Giving you access to the Google Play store and other App Stores with more content than you can ever need.

Apps.. from web browsers to games, all your social media, office apps to music players, the list does go on and on and on...

Your TV is going to be getting an upgrade, to become a very Smart TV! just search for your required App's and install them it's as simple as that.
Your TV will become your new computer with Web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc allowing you to surf from your sofa.
These are so much more than a cool gadget, turning your old TV into the ultimate multimedia gateway giving you the smartest TV on earth!

Live Television Movies TV Shows Music
No monthly bills, With a one off purchase for the TV Box from TV BOX COMPANY this will deliver streaming to your TV.
Once installed simply search one of the many apps on your Smart TV box and begin to start watching.

Do you wish there was a simple way to play all of your music through your TV or surround sounds system?

There is our Smart TV Box!

Download your favourite music app from the Google Play store, start enjoying music the way it was supposed to be listened to.

Music files stored on your computer, NAS or server? Stream them straight to your TV or surround system.

Connect with your iTunes, PC or NAS library or simply stream music through the box.

Android Games
Like playing games on your phone or tablet? How about playing those same games on your large TV? With the these Streaming Boxes you can play all of your Android games right on your TV. Also you can run emulators to play all the old games.

Social Media
Catch up with all your social media straight on your TV, making pictures on large screens so much better than on your mobile devices etc. Download all of your social media apps and use them on your TV. How cool is that?

Photos / Pictures
Bring your holiday snaps or family photos straight to your TV. either plug a SD card or USB flash drive into your smart box or stream from your computer, NAS or server etc.

TV BOX COMPANY have the Ultimate Multimedia Centre.

The system does everything possible that you would want from a Home Theatre Media Centre and more at a fraction of the cost.

You will not find a better Multimedia Centre on the market for the money. You wont be disappointed!

The term Multimedia Centre what comes to mind? Television, Movies and Music probably pop up. But what about over 800,000 apps? Games?Internet browsing? Pictures? Social media etc etc?

Most Multimedia Centres are extremely expensive, None of them offer everything that our streaming box does.

Do you want to pays thousands of pounds for a Multimedia Centre?

Would you like to pay a company hundreds of pounds to install it? Do you want to be charged monthly subscription fees?

Our guess is no!


Turn your TV into a very smart TV without spending thousands of pounds today please visit our shop! HERE


  • Turn your TV into a giant android tablet!
  • Browse the Internet from your Sofa!
  • Social Media on your TV!
  • Stream Music, Videos straight to your TV from the Internet!
  • Over 800,000 apps at the tip of your fingers!
  • Video chat with friends and family
  • Play Android games on your TV!
  • That's the basics of our Smart TV Streaming Boxes.


Please Note: NO 3rd Party add-ons, wizards or builds are installed into Apps like Kodi or any other media players on our boxes. If required you must add these yourself !! There are lots of YouTube videos on how to install these type of 3rd Party add-ons, you could add a wizard that will make it very easy for you to install a full build. BUT WILL NOT INSTALL ANY ILLEGAL ADD-ONS for you DO NOT ASK.All our Boxes are 100% legal, they are only supplied with 100% legal apps. 



Which Smart TV Box to buy?

Click on the below image for the Android Smart TV Box buyers guide






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