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Every TVBC Smart TV Box we sell comes completely preconfigured and will work straight out of the box. Internet connection is required! Kodi Media Centre will require installing and any 3rd Party Add-ons you require read our disclaimer..

The TVBC will set the Smart Tv Box up so that all that will be required is Ethernet cable, power supply & HDMI connecting.

Some minor settings maybe required by the user, for example should you wish to connect over Wi-Fi a guide can be found HERE.
There are obviously a lot of TV's on the market and it's impossible to know every single model, but we send our boxes out preconfigured to auto detect your TV settings,
but there is the odd TV that this does not work correctly with, if this is the case you simply need to select your TV's resolution from Display Tab in settings.
You can also find in Settings Display a setting call screen position this can be used to fit to screen by moving the + & -, this with the screen resolution will work with any TV.

Installing any Apps or Add-ons in to your Smart TV Box is your responsibility legally speaking , and in no way can TVBC (TV Box Company) be held accountable for anything you install or stream to your TV through the Smart TV Box after its been purchased from us. We supply the Smart TV Boxes withoutKodi Media Centre installed or any streaming Apps that may or may not infringe on any copyright material!

The TVBC Smart TV Boxes are supplied with a lot of App Stores so you can install your own choice of Apps that you require.

A lot of sellers claim to sell there boxes as fully loaded, (first of all this is against Kodi® GPL) a lot of sellers claim to set there boxes up.
Please read our Customer Testimonials and box reviews on each box in our shop HERE. for peace of mind.

We have been around the XBMC/Kodi scene for a long while and i know a lot of box sellers that cant even make a XBMC/Kodi/SPMC back up,  so be very careful who you buy your smart TV Box from!

Most box sellers are really box shifters, they buy cheap boxes in and simply sell them on. If you want your new Smart TV Box to work i recommend you purchase a box from a company that specialises in them like ourselves, but don't be tempted to buy cheap clones copies they really are false economy they don't last very long and are a serious fire risk. We only buy our boxes from the original manufacturers that have developed & tested them.

We have put so much time money and effort in to sourcing you the complete package, with only genuine Smart TV Boxes purchased from the original manufactures and with our custom ROM's.


Our motto is simply "We set them up so you don't have to".



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