Custom ROM


Custom ROM

All our Smart TV Boxes are supplied with our own custom built Android ROM installed.

The current versions are Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, 6.0.1 MarshMallow & 7.1.2 Nougat these are developed by TVBOXCOMPANY and has improved the performance dramatically.

All our ROMs are fully Rooted for the end user.

What is a custom ROM you may ask? A custom ROM is a Read Only Memory package which contains the core version of Android and additional customised code
In our case the ROM has been built for streaming although it still has a lot more features Built in.

One of the main advantages with our custom ROM for the end user, if you ever need to reset your Smart TV Box it will reboot after the reset, back to how you first purchased your Box.

Originally Android was designed as an operating system for smart phones.

There are many reasons why custom ROM's are generally better, in our case we start with the stock ROM from the box supplier, edit the ROM to improve performance removing things like ring tones that are no longer needed with a Smart Tv Streaming Box etc then we add our own scripts etc, and with a little menu customisation to improve the box.

Another term you may have heard spoken is Bloat ware. Bloat ware is really Apps and files that we remove to improve performance from the original Stock ROM that you will not need.

NONE of our ROM's are over clocked nether the CPU or GPU!! A lot of ROM builders will over clock the processing power to aid in the performance. WE DON'T !!
The reason we don't do this is when you increase the processing power in general you decrease the life of the unit, Think of it like this, an engine revving to 5000rpm as standard and tuning it and making it rev to 6000rpm it simply wont last as long as the standard setting! The boxes are fast enough with the Bloat ware removed and left at the standard speed set by the manufacturer.






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