Close Kodi Correctly

How do i close Kodi App down correctly?


A lot of people seem to be corrupting the file system because there not exiting from KODI correctly. I cannot express this enough you MUST exit from the KODI App before powering down your Smart TV Box !!

KODI Media Centre runs as a root user, therefore not powering your box down correctly while in Kodi can cause serious problems. There are so many services running in the back ground it can and will corrupt the file system by just turning off the box while still in KODI.
It's a computer after all, in fact it's more likely to corrupt this file system due to the nature of the Android file structure than a PC..

You may turn it off incorrectly 5 times or even 10 or 20 times plus and it not seem to cause you a problem, you may be unlucky and it happen the once, it simply depends what background service was running at the time its powered off incorrectly but it will at some point cause you a problem if you don't follow the guide correctly.

Symptoms of this problem:- having to click on Kodi icon to launch it 2+ times and it crashing back to the android home screen, Kodi not opening, or opening to a black screen, it can even cause your android system to not function correctly.

A hard reset will sort the problem out but to save disappointment and customers claiming there box are faulty please power it down correctly and you will not have this issue.
A video guide for a hard reset is Here


Please see the below picture and follow this every time you've finished using KODI.




1. From inside Kodi click on the power button menu as shown in above picture.

2. Wait for it to exit back to your Android home page before putting the box into standby.

PLEASE NOTE: If your running Linux OpenElec this is not necessary you can power down from your remote without problems.


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